Hi, just giving my personal experience here...

> Which kind of compatibility does FreeDOS aim for?
> I mean compatible with which MS-DOS version? 6.22,
> 7.10, 8.00?

Originally it was 3.3 because that was a version
which worked with most apps and still relatively
simple. Later we got UMB which are very useful so
we aimed for 5.0 kernel compatibility. Remember
that 5.0 and 6.22 basically have the same kernel.

The 5.0 aim also meant that we did not need the
extra apps that MS bought (not developed) to make
6.22 more fancy, but later we added much of that
functionality nevertheless, e.g. DEFRAG...

Now we also have LBA and FAT32, but I do not think
that we want to be very MS Win98 DOS 7 compatible as
this DOS was not even meant to run DOS apps anyway.

So if you ask me: Our current goal is compatibility
with MS DOS 5 / 6 kernel in the general case and a
nice collection of apps similar to MS DOS 6... Plus
support for new hardware in ways which may (FAT32,
LBA) but do not need to be compatible to Win DOS 7.

Note that we also have apps in our distro which
have very little to do with what MS DOS tried to
sell you when MS DOS 5, 6 or 7 were on the market.

Eric :-)

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