> Which kind of compatibility does FreeDOS aim for? I mean compatible with
> which MS-DOS version? 6.22, 7.10, 8.00?

As far as I can tell, 8.00 is the same as 7.10 plus some restrictions (I  
used to have a PC with Windows Me). 6.22 doesn't include LBA, FAT32 and  
LFN-aware command line, so FreeDOS mostly aims to be compatible to 7.10.  
This does not include Windows compatibility. Regarding Windows 3.x FreeDOS  
(with unstable kernel) tries to be either 6.22 or 7.10 or (with stable  
kernel) a mix of 3.xx and either 6.22 or 7.10, which seems to work not so  
well. Windows 4.x doesn't run on FreeDOS.


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