Christian Masloch schrieb:
>> Which kind of compatibility does FreeDOS aim for? I mean compatible with
>> which MS-DOS version? 6.22, 7.10, 8.00?
> As far as I can tell, 8.00 is the same as 7.10 plus some restrictions (I
> used to have a PC with Windows Me).

Yes, well 8.00 can load Win ME.

> 6.22 doesn't include LBA, FAT32 and  
> LFN-aware command line, so FreeDOS mostly aims to be compatible to 7.10.

The site where I originally found the following statement is gone, but
there is a

"It is strongly recommended that you use MS-DOS version 7.0 (the version
of MS-DOS that ships with Windows 95/98), since it is the only version
that will allow you to use long filenames with your NTFS drives. Using
earlier versions of MS-DOS restrict you to using file names in 8.3 format."


"Many people believe that MS-DOS doesn’t support long file names at all,
but that isn’t the case. It is the MS-DOS FAT file system driver that
lacks support, rather than MS-DOS itself. When used with a file system
that supports long file names MS-DOS handles them fine, as do MS-DOS
applications that are written to take advantage of the support."

Author was Mark Russinovich / Bryce Cogswell so I believe the statement
was correct.

What about FreeDOS kernel and LFN? Wouldn't it make sense also to add
LFN to the FreeDOS kernel?

Also according to
it also seams doslfn is not the answer and needs bugchecking by a third

For sure, if LFN goes into the FreeDOS kernel it would make much sense
to add also LFN support to the FAT driver. Is this already the case?


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