Utilities too late the party?

Because I think the utilities and freedos "core"  should be separated.

Here is one reason why.

Say I am working on a program that I want to be dos compatible.
any Dos and not just free dos, or I need to test the compatibility.

and this could be done with a simple batch menu.

But I may want to use things that are in the freedos bin direcory but since
they are mixed in with the standard freedos applications I have to manual
type in the whole path to use them because the aren't separated.

as for package determination, yes its an extra step but I think its
the right one
to make. is this core or not not too hard of a question. :)

if everything executable in mixed together it becomes difficult to manage.
I know it more work but sometimes more work is required.

I have only submitted one package so far, but I plan to do a whole lot more.

just my .02 cents worth.


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