2009/4/13 Michael Robinson <plu...@robinson-west.com>:
> know of.  Technically, if the author of a proprietary program
> doesn't care about it anymore, sharing it isn't a legal problem.

That is plain wrong. Many old games are back-to-life thanks to mobile
phones, and it just evidences that the authors keep the copyright even
if it becomes unused.

> infringement.  IMO, Microsoft should not have a copyright
> on software it has abandoned that it doesn't support anymore,
> but it just doesn't work that way.  Sadly, the ReactOS

Here you go. It does not work that way.

> If an old software program that the author doesn't
> care about is a dos program and there are no free
> alternatives that are comparable, downloading it
> is ethical.  It is especially ethical if you have
> fried installation media sitting on the shelf for
> it.

Then maybe you should vote for someone that shares your view on it.
But until that happens, either it is ethical or not for you it is

And what is worse: it is useless and dangerous, as we don't ever want
to get involved with warez or any other similar alternative at all.

> Jim Hall, you are coming down awfully hard
> on me for mentioning Vetusware and I think
> you should step back and think long and
> hard about that.  I appropriately mentioned

I disagree. If you read the message carefully, I think it was
extremely polite, yet crystal clear. There's nothing to apologise for.

> Do you really want to send the message
> to people that freedos is not to be used
> to run commercial software?

I don't know how this relates to the rest of the mail.

But just to say the last word about this thread: please avoid warez,
sources and links to any other illegal activities.


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