4625 wrote:

> jam - Real-Time Data Compression Utilities. Driver won't load, complain 
> about incorrect DOS OEM number.

JAM.SYS checks the OEM (vendor) number returned in register BH after
calling function 30h ("Get DOS version") of interrupt 21h by looking at
a table containing allowed numbers. Values "00", "01", "0D" or "FF" are
allowed only (see jam.doc).

FreeDOS always returns "FD" for the OEM number, so the check fails.
Let's replace "FF" (Microsoft) by "FD" (FreeDOS) in this table. The
second "E" line extends the check for DOS version 7.00 to version 7.10,
so you don't have to use "VERSION=7.0" in your (FD)CONFIG.SYS.

Paste all lines (including empty) between the "#####" markers to an
ASCII text file, e.g., JAMPAT.DEB and place this file to the directory,
where JAM.SYS is located.

L 0
E 2838 FD
E 2C85 0A
W 0


Now run "debug < jampat.deb".
The output should be as follows.

-L 0
-E 2838
165A:2838  FF.FD
-E 2C85
165A:2C85  00.0A
-W 0
Writing 311E bytes.


The JAM.SYS driver now passes the OEM number check, but it always hung
my VMware session. Maybe you have better luck.

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software

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