> Now JAM loads but takes ca 32kB of RAM, wow.

According to the documentation that's "Minimum!" ;-) (Your drive  
apparently uses 8 KiB clusters. With 4 KiB clusters or smaller, JAM uses  
"just" 24 KiB.)

> The FAT32 problem is that JMOUNT needs the raw location
> of the diskimage file represented in 16bit clusters...
> FAT32 aware kernels (says the RBIL) do not keep a 16bit
> cluster number in the SFT even for files on FAT16 disks.

Where does the RBIL say that these kernels don't set it for FAT16 disks as  
well? Ok, it's true, but I had to verify it on my machine because RBIL  
doesn't state this clearly. Anyway, I think it won't hurt FAT32 DOS  
programs that much if DOS would actually provide the starting cluster in  
the SFT for FAT16 drives only.

JAM.DOC about the DOS OEM/version problem:
> Incorrect DOS OEM number.
> Origin          JAM.SYS
> Explanation     Your computer has a DOS with uncommon OEM number.
>                 JAM device driver accepts any MS-DOS-compatible
>                 Operating Systems with version 3.30-7.0 and with the
>                 following OEM signatures:
>                 00h  - IBM
>                 01h  - Compaq
>                 0Dh  - Packard-Bell
>                 0FFh - Microsoft
>                 If you have received this message, you should contact
>                 us for upgrade information.

Did anyone try to contact them already? Even if they don't want to release  
the program or its source for free, maybe they could update it so that it  
would work with FAT16 drives on FAT32-aware kernels? (Or even with FAT32  
drives, but I assume that would take more work.)


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