Hi Mike,

you are right that config / autoexec often differ from what
you are used to from MS DOS, among other reasons just because
we now have newer and other drivers :-).

> device=HIMEM.SYS

Try Himem.exe, or better Himemx.exe...
You also need a line DOS=HIGH,UMB

> device=EMM386.EXE

Try JEMM386.exe, but be aware that modern hardware and BIOSes
often fail to flag unusable UMB areas properly, so you get a
more stable system by omitting EMM386 until you find the time
to check which areas can be used reliably for UMB and EMS...

You can add a line DOSDATA=UMB if you want.

> files=40
> buffers=40
> devicehigh=NANSI.SYS

The latter is a blatant add for a tool which lets you do
for example "tree >more$" instead of "tree | more" ;-).
I also use STACKS=0,0 as that is stable enough for me.

Do not forget to add a SHELL line, for example:
SHELL=c:\fdos\bin\command.com c:\fdos\bin /e:1024 /p=c:\myexec.bat
(you can also use /P without the =... for default: autoexec.bat)

> @echo off
> cls
> prompt $p$g
> path=C:\;C:\DOS;C:\BAT;C:\UTIL

You should not put C:\ in the path, you probably have
no useful programs there. FreeDOS typically installs
programs into c:\freedos\bin or c:\fdos\bin :-).

> lh SMARTDRV.EXE 2048

Try LH LBACACHE.COM 2048 TUNS (or use more RAM, of course).

> cls
> c:
> cd \

You can combine the latter two into a line CDD C:\ in FreeDOS.

> ver

Let me see what else you can have... You may want to
load MKEYB or KEYB, maybe even use DISPLAY and MODE,
if your hardware and language are not plain English.
You can SET DOSDIR=c:\fdos (or freedos) and also
SET HELPPATH=%dosdir%\help ... If you want, you can
say SET LANG=FR and SET NLSPATH=%dosdir%\nls to use
other languages than English. You often want to say
SET TMP=c:\temp and SET TEMP=c:\temp :-).

For CD/DVD, you will typically load UIDE in config sys
and load SHSUCDX in autoexec bat. Actually you can
even mount ISO image files with SHSUCDHD :-). I also
recommend LH FDAPM APMDOS to save some energy in DOS.
Optionally add LH IDLEDPMS 10 for DPMS screen saver.
A mouse driver such as CTMOUSE can be useful, too...


PS: Feel free to make a Wiki page about the config :-)

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