Since there seems to be a sort of democratic process emerging on the 
direction of FreeDOS, I suppose I should at least state my opinion. I 
use FreeDOS for what it doesn't have, like:

no multi-tasking to grab the CPU for housekeeping while I want it 
concentrating on business.

or that I can turn off, like a GUI.

I do want it to run on pretty much any old PC and the fact that the 
latest version won't play with my Borland compiler has made life 
somewhat difficult. I don't want to have to port all that C and 
assembler code to another system if I don't have to (a lot of it depends 
upon Borland library functions). FreeDOS has allowed me to keep running 
and devising human performance tests on PCs that are the equal of (and 
in some cases, superior to) very expensive software that runs on Windows 
and similar OSs. It allows me to do things like turn a parallel port 
into a poor man's digital I/O port that runs so fast that I have had to 
slow it down for some external hardware. I really appreciate the 
tremendous amount of work that people have contributed to FreeDOS. Just 
a vote for simplicity and reliability.


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