Hi Michael!

On Wednesday 29 July 2009 05:29 (CEST), Michael Robinson wrote:
> Anyone know where Freedos 1.1 stands at this point?  

AFAIK, v1.1 is still in "stagnation" mode....

> I'd like to see 
> it get released.  

Yup, I hear you loud and clear.
However, to release FreeDOS 1.1 there are few things to achieve:
- Packaging all the stuff which is available today, and not-yet-packaged
- Preparing a consistent update software. Currently, I am holding the release 
of the latest fdupdate tool, because this one has been written to support "full 
packages" (ie. packages which contains both sources+binaries), but FDPKG does 
not, so there's no point to release fdupdate as the package backend (FDPKG) is 
not (yet?) compatible... Of course, I could hack fdupdate and make it saw each 
downloaded package into separate binary and source, and then feed FDPKG which 
such "binary-only" and/or "source-only" package, but it is just too much work 
for such workaround...

> I would also like to see a focus on supporting 
> people who want to set up their own local update servers. 

Well... That's not really up to the project, but rather to these people who 
would like to use such local servers...

> The fdupdate program
> seems to have an option to point it at a different URL, but I don't
> see instructions on how to set up your own update server.

Because there is no such instruction.
I don't thought that anyone would ask ever, so.... :-)
The "instruction" is, in fact, very simple:
You have to download the file "fdupdate.tab" from, say, 
http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/fdupdate/fdupdate.tab , 
and then download every package which is mentionned in this file (fdupdate.tab 
is just a tab-delimited file). Then, put all these files 
(packages+fdupdate.tab) on a flat directory on your http server, and write the 
new URL to the FDUPDATE local configuration file.
That's all!
Note, that FDUPDATE is not following official (Jim's) recomendations about 
update server's structure. Jim posted a while ago a technote about "how a 
FDUPDATE server should look like", but this has never been implemented so 
far... (of course, you're welcome to write your own update tool, which would 
follow this technote) ;-)

Best regards,
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