Op 17-10-2011 11:00, Michael C. Robinson schreef:
> Guess I've been bouncing for about a week.
> So, will Freedos 1.1 come out by Christmas?

Earlier hopefully. I intended end of summer holiday, but there's still 
some software changes I'm waiting for (kernel and install) , and some 
changes I'd like to make before releasing anything.

So far I've been messing around with getting my USB stick bootable with 
a (alpha-version of) FreeDOS 1.1 ISO as my computer decided it would be 
fun to start at USB1.1 speeds. Accelerating that caused a 20-times 
increase (loading 16MB in 1.2 seconds instead of 25 seconds).

> Are there any long term plans to replace Windows for Workgroups 3.11
> with an equivalent free alternative?

I'm afraid not, I'm not aware of anything else that can run programs 
intended for the windows 3.1 / 3.11 platform.

> How about Wordperfect 6.0a Dos?  Anyone interested in reverse
> engineering it or buying it from I guess Corel?

Doubt there would be much interest in this either despite the claims of 
WP being very good software.

My hopes for usable Windows software would lie with ReactOS, but that 
might take a while still.

Time to go back to adding/using/detecting more installation sources yet 
again to FreeDOS 1.1 ISO :)

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