Guess I've been bouncing for about a week.

So, will Freedos 1.1 come out by Christmas?

Are there any long term plans to replace Windows for Workgroups 3.11
with an equivalent free alternative?

How about Wordperfect 6.0a Dos?  Anyone interested in reverse
engineering it or buying it from I guess Corel?

Is anyone interested in 30 pin or 72 pin simms?  I have 64 mixed modules
where 4 of them are 16 meg 72 pin parity chips, 8 of them are 4 meg 30
pin chips, and there is a combination of SODIMMs, 30 pin simms, and 72
pin simms.  The 2 SODIMMs work but they are small, 256meg and 128meg.
I believe I have 2 DIMMs mixed in as well, but I'm not sure what they
are exactly.  Two of the 72 pin simms are 32 meg EDO chips.  There are a
few 16 meg 72 pin simms and I figure some 8 meg simms as well.  I can't
test any of the memory, but there is a very good chance that all of it
works.  If anyone wants it that is willing to pay the shipping, let me
know.  For inside the U.S., I have to charge at least $10.95.  Outside
the U.S., I'm uncertain.

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