--- On Wed, 8/19/09, D Z <whoelseseeksde...@gmail.com> wrote:

> OK, no luck I just got to test it last night. Maybe I'm not setting it
> up correctly or are missing drivers for DOS. Anyone familiar with the
> Diamond Monster Sound MX400 PCI card? It uses the ESSCanyon3D chipset, 
> so I'm thinking I need a compatible PCI DOS driver for ESSCanyon3D. I'll 
> post the configurations used in the Autoexec.bat and Fdconfig.sys next, 
> just wait.

there doesn't seem to be a DOS driver for your card. use the wayback machine 
and browse the pages of "esstech.com" prior to 2008.


it says there to use the manufacturer's drivers. if the soundchip on your card 
is es1970, you can try using the drivers for the es1978 maestro2e but there's 
no guarantee.


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