I know about prodos.exe, it requires Windows to
extract the drivers from it and the drivers you
extract are probably Windows drivers.

An update on the reset problem, updating to kernel
2039 and dropping emm386 updating himem as well
seems to fix the problem.  Another advantage of
kernel 2039 is that one can fit more text on the
screen.  I use wget to load in programs to a 
a ramdrive that I created via fdauto.bat.  The
wget I use is the latest version and I had to
add cwsdpmi to my 2.88 meg boot image.

I've tried various shareware games successfully:
commander keen1 and keen4, in search of dr. riptide,
pea shooting pete, and the non shareware game battle
tech I.

In addition to games, I've tried Arachne with mixed
results.  It doesn't work if I install it to C:\fdos1
even if I add that to the path variable.  It sort of
works if I add it to c:\.  For some reason, the mouse
goes nuts after a while.  Another problem is that I
want to use IMAP instead of pop3.

The next logical thing to try is adding ssh2dos to
the things I wget and install from fdauto.bat.  With
that, I can in theory log in to the tftp server and
change the netboot image.

I'd like to get battletech II working, but to do that
I need to fool it into thinking that it is installed
to a hard disk somehow.  Apparently, there is something
called memdisk that I need to do that.

I still want an alternative to Microsoft Client that
works with the Intel non NDIS packet driver for my
built in eexpress pro 10/100 fast ethernet card.
The alternative should be samba compatible and 
unloadable/reloadable on demand.

How hard would it be to create a tsr that allows one
to use Linux network card drivers under freedos?  The
need to find a third party network card driver in this
day and age is a pain considering that Microsoft doesn't
support dos anymore and most commercial software outlets
don't either.

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