> BTWW, King Udo (EDR-DOS maintainer) reportedly uses it and is happy
> (the only one user ???), possibly the problems occur with FreeDOS
> only, not with EDR-DOS. No idea why and no ambition to debug this type
> of problem :-|

I'm using it too on MS-DOS (for both read and write access) and it didn't  
corrupt anything yet. The way DOSLFN is implemented however is messy; it  
depends on DOS's behaviour (it was developed on MS-DOS 6.22 and 7.10).  
Either DOSLFN depends on something it shouldn't, or the FreeDOS kernel  
fails to behave similar to MS-DOS somewhere. (Or both.) A FreeDOS kernel  
developer would have to work through the DOSLFN source to check this.


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