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> > file corruption problems with DOSLFN which I had experienced
> I had got same problem (crosslinked files), also A.P. (author of
> MPXPLAY) discourages writing with DOSLFN.
> > Advice is: try to use "doslfnms" instead of "doslfn".
> What is it ???

MD5 (DOSLFNMS.COM) = 2841b95fccf0edc191f71ad34c7cda9a
DOSLFNMS is intended for use with MS-DOS 7 (but may also work with
FreeDOS) and also has some features removed to reduce its size:
- doesn't disable itself when starting Windows;
- doesn't recognise codepage changes;
- doesn't handle double-byte character sets.

> http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~heha/viewzip.cgi/hs_freeware/doslfnjh.zip/readme.txt?auto=TXT
What is it?

> BTW, my (well known) advice is: don't use DOSLFN :-|
Then your FreeDOS will loss such useful LFN ability. :-)

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