Hi David,

you can dualboot with freedos and vista, but depending on
whether your vista is installed on a fat32 or a ntfs drive
you will have to use windows or linux tools to setup the
dual booting. DOS cannot mess around with ntfs drives...

If you burn ISO to CD/DVD, the RW just lets you re-use the
CD/DVD. For modifying single files, you have to format the
disk as UDF, not as ISO. However, MSCDEX / SHSUCDEX do not
support UDF - although I heared about an experimental one.

The unsupported beta probably was about defragging fat32.
You should defrag fat32 from Windows, that should be a lot
faster than from DOS. The strength of DOS is more in fat16.

I have no idea in which way Clearwire ISP has problems
with non-Vista systems. Probably just a stupid helpdesk
which cannot tell you where to click in other systems ;-)


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