I was checking out a Linux page today & I saw an entry about dualboot systems.  
Of course, I've heard about this on a few other occasions, & I'd like to try 
it.  But I'm fairly sure FreeDOS doesn't support this option.  I've tried 
burning the OS to a cdrw, but _vista_ (intentionally lowercased) for some 
reason insists on setting read-only status On Every Single File on the the cd.  
What about a flash drive?  When I tried running defrag from my FD, I got a 
message this option was unsupported (in so many words).  When I tried it from 
the CD, (or even from my hard drive), I got a message saying it was an 
unsupported beta.  I thought this version of FreeDOS was the final version?
The main reason I've put off upgrading to FreeDOS (or Linux) is because my ISP 
(Clearwire) does not support any OS other than _vista_.  I can't change, 
because the account isn't in my name.
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