Hi Marcos,

>>         FDISK /MBR
>>         FORMAT C: /S /U

>   Win98? Default BPB *FAT1x* 1024 sectors/FAT, 512 root size, FAT32 Forced.
>   Access Denied! LOCK problem? Aborting.
>   [Error 55]

With 1024 sectors per FAT you would have 256*1024
clusters, very im-plausible. Remember that FORMAT
gets information about suggested FAT size from DOS
(kernel) and that FAT16 partitions smaller than
32 MB have a different partition type byte than
those larger than 32 MB and/or those in LBA...

Talking about which, why only 6 MB for DOS? Are
you trying to squeeze DOS in a hole between some
already existing multi GB partitions? That should
be avoided - better use a decent partitioning and
resize tool (e.g. GPARTED, e.g. from a boot CD)
to give DOS a FAT16 (or FAT32) LBA partition with
a few dozen or even a few 100 MB size :-).

Another important issue: You sometimes have to do
a REBOOT after FDISK before you run FORMAT to make
sure that DOS updates all calculations about what
a good FAT size etc would be! Also, without LBA,
partitions must be in the first 1024 cyl (8 GB) of
the disk, but the "small FAT16" partition type and
FAT12 partition type are NOT available with LBA:

01 FAT12 (not recommended for harddisk)
04 FAT16 SMALL (max 32 MB, not recommended for harddisk)

05 extended
06 FAT16 (min 32 MB)
0b FAT32

0c FAT32 LBA *recommended*
0e FAT16 LBA (min 32 MB) *recommended*
0f extended LBA

It also matters which kernel you use - FreeDOS
kernels 2038 or maybe 2039 should work well.



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