> LFNs on FAT was a very clever hack! It's now generally forgotten that
> it was Windows NT 3.5 that introduced the system, long before Windows
> 95.

I personally don't think LFN on FAT was "clever" at all.  It broke many 
programs that worked just fine before that, including Microsoft's own SCANDISK 
and DEFRAG.  In fact, I would venture to say that if anybody other than 
Microsoft had come up with the hack they would have been laughed right out of 
the market.

Up to that point, DESCRIPT.ION files were becoming something of a standard that 
essentially accomplished the same thing, and didn't destroy the accepted FAT 
structure.  I'm not suggesting that DESCRIPT.ION files are a panacea, but I 
think they are a MUCH better idea than what Microsoft did.


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