This is just to report how things evolved with regard to disk
partitioning and formatting.

I certainly learned how to do it. Thanks again to several list
members who helped!

However, the story did not end there. Disks would not work as
expected, and corrupted files kept appearing.

After formatting half a dozen disks 2-3 times each, in 3
different computers, I suspected someting else was wrong. So I
took the disks to a computer technician for a virus scan and,
sure enough, they all were infected by "W32/Hybris.worm.B".

The computer is working well now. However, to be extra safe, I
also ran F-prot, and although my copy is from 2005, in one disk
it reported something that the technician's antivirus had missed:
Master Boot Sector: "Bleah.D". Of course I'll repartition and
reformat that disk.

In 12 years of MS-DOS plus 3 years of FreeDOS, this is the first
time I had a virus -:(

I'll use FDSHIELD for some time. Also, I downloaded CLAMAV, but
have not been able to run it yet.

In case anyone has other security recommendations, they will be
very welcome.


Marcos Favero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil


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