>> What is RTFM?
>Read The Fine Manual ;-)

I do not ask questions before reading the relevant manuals. As
an engineer, this is second nature to me.

However, manuals can on occasion be complicated, even if
well-written, for those who are computer users, not
programmers or computer professionals. The HDPMI manual
describes about 15 options, half of them cryptical to the

That is the reason why I go to the FreeDOS *user* list for help.

>Tip: if you are running Linux, you may want to install
>bsd-tools. It has an app called wtf wich comes very handy for
>this kinds of things

I'm not running under Linux or any other OS. I'm just running
>Everybody uses DOG-BOX and DOG-EMU (already advertized at
>"FreeDOS" page), nobody FreeDOS :-(

Well, I'm doing just that: using FreeDOS. I actually do *my
work* in FreeDOS.


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