>>>>> dos386  <dos...@gmail.com> writes:

 >> Are there any tiny free software games for FreeDOS?

 > Star Tetris by Narech Koumar http://st2.narechk.net/index_en.html

        Unfortunately, nowhere I see any explicit conditions under which
        it's to be available.  (And note that being freeware doesn't
        imply being free software.  Am I free to sell it? am I free to
        change it? or to borrow the code for a free software project? or
        for a proprietary one?)

 > (it advertizes DOG-BOX rather than FreeDOS ...)

        I'm somewhat proud that I've managed to obtain EGAint sources.
        Developed in 1989, that Tetris clone was released under the then
        current GNU GPL v1!


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