>>>>> "d" == dos386  <dos...@gmail.com> writes:

 >> Unfortunately, nowhere I see any explicit conditions under which
 >> it's to be available.

 > There are, RTFL:

 >> The game *STAR TETRIS II* is copyright (C) by Narech Koumar,
 >> Supernar Systems, Ltd.  This game is a freeware and may be copied,
 >> given away, uploaded to internet and/or local network servers
 >> provided that no charge is taken for the above said actions or for
 >> letting people playing the game.

        ACK, thanks!  So, it's not free software.

 >> And note that being freeware doesn't imply being free software.

 > Note that the word "free" had existed before FSF was brewn ;-)

        Luckily, the “Software Freedom Day” name has a bit more explicit
        connection to “freedom”.  Would it be “Software Giving-for-Free
        Day”, I would consider this game, but it definitely isn't.


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