Hi jassenna,

>         Please excuse me if I underestimate your knowledge.

Don't worry about that. I'm just a user, so I'm not required to
have extensive technical knowledge :-)

>         Are you sure the BIOS of your computers supports LBA
>         with the cluster size you choose? Some older machines
>         (e.g. this) require an specific cluster size in order to
>         use LBA.

I do not know. Please tell me how to find out, otherwise I may
send wrong information to this list.

Below is, for example, the NSSI report for the BIOS of one of my
portables. However, it does not mention the words cluster size or



                     Navrátil Software System Information
                                Version 0.60.32
                                  Report File
                          Thursday, 2010-09-23 09:36

BIOS Type              Compaq
BIOS Manufacturer      Compaq Computer Corporation
BIOS Date              12/05/99
BIOS Version           1.1

 BIOS Features --------------------------------------------------------
Flash BIOS             Present
Green PC/Energy Star   Not Present
BIOS32 Services        Present
Plug and Play Support  Present (version 1.0, 0 devices)
DMI Support            Present
SMBIOS Support         Present (version 2.3)
APM Support            Present (version 1.2)
ACPI Support           Present
ACFG Support           Not Present
PCI IRQ Routing Table  Present, faulty

 ROM Modules ----------------------------------------------------------
Address Range  Size    Type                                        PnP
C000h - CFFFh   64 KB  SVGA BIOS

 Plug and Play Devices ------------------------------------------------
No Plug and Play Devices Present

 SMBIOS Information - BIOS Information --------------------------------
BIOS Vendor         Compaq
BIOS Version        1.35
BIOS Release Date   12/05/1999
BIOS Start Segment  F000h
BIOS ROM Size       512 KB

 BIOS Characteristics -------------------------------------------------
- ISA Support               - VL-VESA Support    - Int 13h 3-"/720 KB
- MCA Support               - ESCD Support       - Int 13h 3-"/2.88 MB
- EISA Support              - Boot from CD       - Int 5h Print Screen
- PCI Support               - Selectable Boot    - Int 9h Keyboard
- PC Card (PCMCIA) Support  - BIOS ROM Socketed  - Int 14h Serial Serv.
- Plug and Play Support     - Boot from PC Card  - Int 17h Printer Serv
- APM Support               - EDD Specification  - Int 10h CGA/BW Video
- BIOS Upgradeable (Flash)  - Int 13h 5-"/360KB  - NEC PC-98
- BIOS Shadowing Allowed    - Int 13h 5-"/1.2MB  - Unknown

 SMBIOS Information - BIOS Information --------------------------------
- ACPI Support
- USB Legacy Support
- AGP Support
- I2O Boot Support
- LS-120 Boot Support
- ATAPI ZIP Drive Boot Support
- 1394 Boot Support
- Smart Battery Support
- BIOS Boot Specification Support
- Function key-initiated Network Service Boot Support
- Enable Targeted Content Distribution

 SMBIOS Information - System Information ------------------------------
System Manufacturer    Compaq
Product Name           Armada    E500
Product Version
Product Serial Number  3J02DJC4C409
UUID                   57D0A750-A190-1217-8E50-B6F4181DB8FA
Wake-up Type           Power Switch

 SMBIOS Information - Base Board Information --------------------------
Manufacturer         Compaq
Product              05BC
Serial Number
Asset Tag
Features             None
Location in Chassis
Board Type           Unknown (00)

 SMBIOS Information - System Enclosure or Chassis ---------------------
Chassis Manufacturer  Compaq
Chassis Type          Notebook, Chassis lock present
Serial Number         3J02DJC4C409
Asset Number
Boot-up State         Safe
Power Supply State    Safe
Thermal State         Safe
Security Status       External interface enabled
Height                Unspecified
Power Cords           Unspecified

 SMBIOS Information - Processor Information ---------------------------
Socket Designation      J1
Processor Type          Central Processor
Processor Family        Pentium II
Processor Manufacturer  Intel
Processor Version       Intel Pentium II
Voltage                 1.8V
External Clock          66 MHz
Maximum Speed           366 MHz
Current Speed           366 MHz
Processor Status        Enabled
Processor Upgrade       Daughter Board
Serial Number
Asset Tag
Part Number

 Advanced Power Management --------------------------------------------
Driver Version               1.2
Connection Version           1.2
CPU Idle Reduces Speed       No
16-bit Prot. Mode Interface  Yes
32-bit Prot. Mode Interface  Yes
BIOS PM Disabled             No
BIOS PM Disengaged           No

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