> Sorry to sound dense but how do you change the kernel from 16 to 32 bits?
> Isn't there just one kernel and it works with a filesystem that is FAT16  
> or FAT32?   Or are these
> kernels compiled with different memory models?

There's one kernel that supports the FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems  
(called "FAT32 kernel") and one that only supports the FAT12 and FAT16  
file systems (called "FAT16 kernel"). I think this is what was meant here.  
As Tom said, the issue appears to be specific to the "FAT16 kernel" (i.e.  
the one that doesn't have FAT32 support).

Besides that, there is (or was?) a kernel "optimized" for 386+ CPUs that  
is able to use 32-bit instructions (although it still executes from within  
a 16-bit memory segment as usual) and therefore might utilize 32-bit  
registers. This kernel only runs on 386+ CPUs. For kernels 2038 and 2039,  
such binaries currently ain't provided on the FreeDOS mirrors so you would  
have to compile such a "kernel utilizing 32-bit instructions" yourself to  
use it.


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