Hi Tom,

Here are the results you asked. Tests were done in a Compaq
Armada E500.

>   is that reproducable with COPY/XCOPY ?


I changed the kernel back to 16 bits and copied about 200 files
with COPY and XCOPY. The errors appeared as before. I also
decompressed some zip files, just to check once more, and the
errors appeared too.

I have screen captures of ChkDsk, but because they have strange
characters in them I'm sending them as an attached zip file.

In all three cases, the files could be deleted, and the remainder
of the file system returned to normal.

>   is that reproducable with empty config.sys/autoexevc.bat ?


I skipped fdconfig.sys and fdauto.bat with the F8 key, and
repeated the same copies with COPY and XCOPY. This time there
were no errors!



Marcos Favero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil

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