Hi :-)

> Hello, Just got lynx running under freedos.
> I wanted to thank everyone for the help.

Nice! Actually, why Lynx? Arachne would be graphical...

> I ran dhcp through mTCP and then edited wattcp.cfg manually. I guess
> now I should try and automate some stuff. I wonder why I can't get
> Ntool to work? I think It would be easier to automate stuff if I got
> Ntool to work.

Interesting question indeed.

> I have a question about lynx I went to YouTube.com and was going to
> search for a video and lynx asked me to download an application.

That probably is Flash. There is no official Flash for DOS, but
it might be possible to port the open source clone GNASH to DOS.

> Just wondering if it is safe to download the application?

Yes but it would not run.

> And will lynx need software to run, like will a lot of sites want
> me to download applications and software?

As far as I remember, many modern formats are not supported
depending on which DOS browser you use. For example CSS, new
HTML 4 / 5 features and JavaScript. Even HTTPS / SSL is not
always supported in DOS web browsers. I guess others on this
list can give you more details about which browser has what.

> I wonder with YouTube how would dos play a video?

Youtube uses Flash FLV and MPEG4 MP4 videos as far as I know
and you should be able to play those with MPXPLAY for DOS or
maybe with a port of MPLAYER, the latter maybe supported by
the HX or HXRT DOS extender. However, only a limited set of
AC97 and HDA sound chips is supported, so I am curious which
chip you have (or simulate, if you use a virtual PC) and if
some media players for DOS support it. As for the virtual PC
topic - of course it is easier to use VLC / MPLAYER / Media
Player Classic in your host system (MacOS, Linux, Win) then.

Cheers, Eric

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