I read through and understood all your comments about hard-disk
power management, etc.

My problem is:  I am not-interested in being "the one" who does
power management.   If DOS or the BIOS wants to save power thru
putting disks into "stand-by" mode, let them do it.   UIDE is a
disk "I-O driver", not a power-management tool, and I desire to
keep such things OUT of UIDE's logic!

Re: handling disk drives which ARE in "stand-by" mode, if all I
need to do is allow some more time for them to spin-up, that is
relatively easy.   UIDE's CD/DVD logic currently allows 7 secs.
for spin-up and 3 seconds for track-to-track seeks, which I had
forgotten -- I had not looked at that logic for almost 5 years!

Assuming 7 seconds "should be long enough!" for a hard disk, as
well, I can simply use that value as a timeout during disk I-O,
not the current 400-msec timeout.   Shall "experiment" re: this
idea.   Might cause some "confusion" among UIDE users, who will
now see a 7-second delay in some error handling.   But, if UIDE
needs only a timeout change to handle "sleeping" hard disks, it
might be worth updating only 1 byte in its "DoIO" subroutine!

Jack R. Ellis

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