For those who read mails but do not follow all URLs,
and to already give some feedback and plug ads for
similar tools, DOSUTILS contains:

>     ASKECHO - prompt for user input

Note that FreeCOM command.com has a special SET for this.

>     TIMESTMP - write date/time in a very flexibly configurable format

Sounds useful, also combined with PIPESET :-)

>     RPN - perform integer calculations

If you need floating point: The 1024 byte(!) calc387.com
will be fun for you. For example Rugxulo's Ruffidea distro
contains a copy of the tool :-)

>     PIPESET - store the output of other programs in environment variables

In a limited way, yet another exotic SET feature of the
FreeCOM command.com can help you to do similar things.

>     TEE - split data stream

Useful for example to send program output BOTH to a log
file and to the screen. An inversely related tool can be
MORESYS where you can say "program >more$" instead of eg
"program | more" or "program | tee log.txt | more" as in
the "more$" device acting like a "console" (no waiting)
while pipelines in DOS wait until all output is complete.

>     TR - translate characters

TR tools can be useful for things like upper/lower casing
text, changing line break style or breaking ROT13 code ;-)

>     SELECT - user menu and directory browser

Dosemu long ago came with a directory browser called LCD
which is about 15kB and has no features apart from letting
you go to a dir using the cursor keys when you call it...

>     FORM - a very versatile dialogue utility for batch procedures
>     FAM - automated text modification

Similar to SED?

>     PRINTF - an improved echo command

Writers of fancy batch scripts will enjoy this.

>     SCRDUMP - a utility to dump parts of the screen to a file

With a hotkey as TSR, I assume?

>     DUMPENV - show environment and parent's environment (test and debugging 
> aid)
>     CGENERR - return with defined error code (test and debugging aid)
>     GENERR - return with defined error code (test and debugging aid)

>     INVOKE - invoke program and report the error code it returned (test and 
> debugging aid)

You can use %ERRORLEVEL% in FreeCOM command.com for that,
for example:

C:\>mode /foobar
Unknown device or syntax error! 'MODE /?' shows help.

Regards, Eric

PS: The page also features ETHTOOLS, where you can send and capture
ethernet data and make stats, LANSTAT for networking, NTOOL which
is yet another incarnation of the very useful NETCAT network cat,
RMENU which is vaguely similar to a DOS TELNET server... and many
screenshots of tools by Willi Wasser / JHoffmann :-)

On 12.06.2011 22:09, Willi Wasser wrote:
> I just want to announce a new release of my DOSUTILS package. Besides
> some minor improvements to already existing utilities it features two
> aditional programs. One of them is a rather versatile forms program
> intended as user interface for batch procedures (e.g. configuration
> scripts) but it can also be used as (pseudo-)graphical front-end for
> traditional command-line controlled DOS commands.
> Please feel free to download and explore the package which can be
> downloaded from here: http://www.bttr-software.de/products/jhoffmann/
> and of course i would appreciate many feed-backs. 

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