>>> SCRDUMP - a utility to dump parts of the screen to a file
>> With a hotkey as TSR, I assume?
> Nope. Again this utility is most useful within batch files (e.g.
> autoexec.bat). Typically it is called twice, once before and a second
> time right after the command whichs output is to be copied to a file
> A hotkey / TSR print screen to file tool would be nice, though.
> Maybe somebody on this list can recommend a nice tool for this?

You can look at my PRTSCR utility which works with the <PrintScreen> key, 
available on my web site:


It has quite a few options to let you "filter" the output to some degree (like 
skipping "menu" lines at the top or bottom of the screen, or skipping blank 
lines in the middle of the screen).  It also lets you redirect the PrintScreen 
output to a device (like NUL or LPT3), instead of to a file.  If you do 
multiple PrintScreens, it keeps appending the output to the same file instead 
of creating a separate file each time.

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