To partly answer my own questions earlier:
1) How do I install kernell.XXXX?
- yup, I tried a straight over-write when the update was released, but
over the last week the filesystem gradually corrupted to a point that
CHKDSK (0.9) wouldn't repair. Assuming that a straight over-write was
OK, maybe ye olde HD is dying but it checks OK with WinXP apps. Will run
UBCD to confirm drive status and repair.
2) Add folder and files to ISO image?
- When I'm not in PuppyLinux (which has excellent ISO remastering and
burning tools), in XP I like to use 7-zip to manually edit the ISO, and
burn with CDBurnerXP - that can leave the burned ISO "open" for further
edits, like Puppy. My question is WHERE in the iso filestructure do I
place the new updates?  I didn't get any clues from what has been posted
earlier with the updates concerned - could someone please post a How To,
for us Dummies, please?

Cheers :)

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