Op 16-7-2011 5:00, Andrew Robins schreef:
> Congratulations, firstly, on getting on SourceForge's Top Projects list
> this month. I think the accolade is long-overdue. I've finally signed up
> here partly to thank you for your base that I have used on a Toshiba
> 430CDS Satellite Pro (48MB, P1, 120MHz, SB16 - previously Win95), and,
> after plundering various online DOS software repositories for the
> top-rated and award-winning educational games - have a fabulous learning
> centre for my early Primary-school children. I've configured it to boot
> straight into Ronald Blankendaal's "Access" 5.02 menu system+cd-player,
> which I have found to be the best DOS GUI for my young audience
> (http://members.quicknet.nl/blankendaalr/). FreeDOS, for this dated
> hardware, to me illustrates PERFECTLY the values of Reduce, Reuse,
> Recycle. I feel too that a future "FreeDos 4 Kids" -type distribution
> would provide a valuable educational tool - on so many levels - but I
> regret that I have no expertise in DOS or programming.

Cool. I've had a look at that Access/XX software, looks pretty usable as 
a kind of DOSSHELL / graphical user interface. I assume you'd mean 
adding this software to an installed FreeDOS, be it through the 
installation CD or simply afterwards?
Or are you intending a LiveCD environment with that GUI and programs on CD?

> Now I need some educating, please, regarding your latest updates. From
> your last base release (FreeDOS 1.0 baseCD) - How do I implement the
> latest kernel (e.g., ke2040_386f32.zip) and installation scripts

extract KERNEL.SYS and SYS.COM to either an installed FreeDOS, or look 

Or simply go for

> inst401s) into the ISO (or overwrite onto the existing install on HD or
> floppy)? Could you, or another FreeDos user more savvy than I -  release
> a non-official ISO with the latest updates already implemented?

Will do so tomorrow evening, need to iron out some bugs. The FreeDOS 1.1 
installer (4.01) is there but not entirely usable yet as it doesn't 
switch to target installation directory afterwards, preventing me from 
running the scripts to create working CONFIG.SYS/AUTOEXEC.BAT (those 
batchfile scripts are in SAMCFGX.ZIP package)

> Most Gratefully,
> Andy


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