Hi Andrew,

> You were absolutely spot on with your assessment of my previous FAT
> configuration, re strange file system corruption. Given the vintage of
> the 430CDS I had originally assumed that FAT16 was the best way to
> proceed, but this time with a little more research I reformatted in
> FAT32 and reinstalled with the FAT32 kernel before seeing your reply.

So FAT32 works better? Interesting.

> - but this time around haven't installed JEMM and all the games I've
> re-installed seem to be working fine, and with SB16 sound, using Boot
> Option 2 - "Load FreeDOS with EMM386+EMS and SHARE". I'm going through

I guess for games only loading himem (himemx, xmgr...) and using the
standard DOS=HIGH (in HMA) and letting freecom command.com use some
XMS would be sufficient. Of course you can get a bit more DOS RAM
free when you also have UMB (emm386, jemmex, similar) but then you
sometimes have to adjust the allowed regions for UMB manually and a
few really old games do not like protected mode so they would prefer
to run without emm386, jemmex or similar.

On the other hand, if you have one of those soundcards which come
with a "driver" where a protected mode module simulates a SB16 and
then forwards the sound to the actual, non-SB16 hardware, actually
loading emm386 might be better than not loading it. Some soundcard
drivers in this category need special emm386/... options, though.

> found DOSstart much easier to use than GEM. Albeit DOSstart ran very
> slowly for me previously, probably as I didn't have some sort of cache

You can use UIDE (disk and CD/DVD driver for faster-than-BIOS IDE
and SATA access and for using CD/DVD in DOS at all= which has some
built-in cache, or you can load the cdrcache (for CD/DVD) cache or
lbacache (for harddisk and floppy) for that. They all use XMS :-)

In certain situations, you can also combine the caches with the
lbacache tickle tool which causes some read-ahead, but that is
more for floppy, less for harddisk. It has no effect on CD/DVD.

>   ...SET PATH=C:\XX
>   C:\XX\XX.BAT

I would not set PATH to contain ONLY XX. You can just CD there
(or CDD to change drive and directory at the same time) and then
run XX, keeping the path unchanged.


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