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On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 7:25 AM, Bernd Blaauw <bbla...@home.nl> wrote:
> Slightly offtopic: is there any foolproof way to automatically switch to
> the location a batchfile is in? a kind of "CDD %0" except that %0 is
> whatever you call it, instead of a full pathname. Same for TRUENAME %0

You might need FreeCOM 0.84-pre2, I think. It has "set /e" (but needs
%TEMP% !!) and "cdd" works for "c:\path\blah.exe". Otherwise, you'll
have to hack up a quick tool or use something premade (DJGPP's
dirname.exe from Shell Utils [shl2011b.zip]) or similar.

I'm not exactly sure I understand the issue, but that's as good as
guess as I can offer without knowing more. (What are you trying to do?
Something from within another .BAT file?)

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