On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 10:00 AM, Henrique Peron <hpe...@terra.com.br> wrote:
> I just tried it! Thanks for the info! :)
> However... It works with keyboard layout and codepage - both hardcoded.

(quoting from the webpage):

"UPDATE:  July/17/2011 (QE Version 1.2.0)"

"My current wishes:
     The next version will enable you to create your own
      Code Pages, Keyboard layouts, and VGA Fonts!
      And it will come with many new pre-made languages."

> I wasn't able to type arabic or hebrew. The cursor doesn't move as it
> should. This would imply on one of two possible approaches:
> 1) The cursor standing still while the text is pushed rightwards, so
> that the resulting visual effect is correct. This approach is the usual
> one on text-mode environments.
> 2) The cursor starts at the right margin and moves to the left margin as
> the letters are typed. This approach is used on graphical environments.

I don't know, I can't even pretend to read Arabic. I've have to have a
translation table just to understand the alphabet! I assume it works,
but since it's all gibberish (aka, "Greek to me"), I can't figure it
out either.

Luckily it seems pretty useful for non-Arabic stuff too.   ;-)

> However, I must admit that everything I work on for FreeDOS is under a
> Win98 SE's DOS Prompt, under a virtual machine in VirtualBox, under
> Windows 7 64-bit. Perhaps this scenario didn't allow QE to run as it
> should.

Dunno, he says: "QE Tested on MS-DOS 7.10 and Windows XP."

> That all said, I think its valid (if possible) to include QE (or at
> least a reference to it) on the FreeDOS website - provided, naturally,
> that the author considers it interesting or simply allows it.

For some odd reason, (perhaps due to his use of Euphoria) I blindly
assumed it was "open source", but I can't find anything (except the
extraneous barely-related TYPE.EX). Oops! Yeah, Jim hates that kind of
stuff, but perhaps the author is flexible and will "open" it for us!

At worst, I just wanted to point out a (recent!) example of someone
using Arabic in DOS. I think you should e-mail him directly, Henrique,
he might have much to discuss with you about it. (I haven't tried
e-mailing him personally, didn't have anything to add, for once.)

> So far, among the solutions I tested to deal with bidi text for FreeDOS,
> the best one is Thomas Wolff's Mined.

He's a smart guy, so no surprise there.

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