Am 14.08.11 21:43, schrieb julio cortese:
> You understood well, but i already have some drivers for the ethernet card,
> and the question is: as they are for win32 will they work on freedos? what
> kind of extension do they should have and, how do i install a driver?.

Okay, you have a Atheros L2 nic. Congrats!
Thanks to the great guys at <> we have a 
working NDIS driver for that. I already extracted it for you to this 
place: <>

So please download the driver. We will make it act like a packet 
driver in FreeDOS.

If you like to understand what you are doing, please read my 
description of how to get NDIS drivers to work with DOS at:

In short just follow these instructions:

1. Make a directory C:\NET

2. Copy the downloaded file L2.DOS into C:\NET

3. Get the first disk of the free MS Client from Microsoft:

4. Save the file DSK3-1.exe to an empty directory for instance: C:\TEST

5. Run DSK3-1.exe. It will unzip all the files into the empty folder 

6. Two of the files needed are still compressed. Uncompress them by 
running these two commands inside C:\TEST:

expand -r protman.do_
expand -r protman.ex_

7. Copy the three files protman.dos, protman.exe and from 
C:\TEST to C:\NET. Afterwards you may delete C:\TEST.

8. Create a file with the name PROTOCOL.INI inside the C:\NET 
directory. Edit it and fill in the following lines:




9. Add these lines to the end of your fdconfig.sys:


10. Add this line to your autoexec.bat:


11. Reboot. You should now have a working packet driver for your nic.


PS: Loading the above ndis/packet driver shim consumes of course more 
memory than a native packet driver. Unfortunately I couldn't find such 
a native packet driver for the Atheros L2. You might want to search 
yourself to be sure.

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