Op 17-8-2011 15:12, Karen Lewellen schreef:
> I will hunt for Norton ghost, I have a copy of the last dos <that I knew
> of> edition of norton utilities, and disk doctor is sensational.
> booting another os would not give me a place to put the files, nor a
> regular way to upgrade the backup I create.
> You were helpful, you told me of program that may do the trick, and in
> Norton which I really like in general.
> Thanks for answering my question, its the first reply I have gotten.

I'm not sure how recent the DOS utilities of Norton are. If they're 
quite old, FAT32 support might already be doubtful, and same for modern 
interfaces and harddisk capacities.

You could try SAVEPART, or indeed Norton.

Goodluck :)

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