On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 1:48 PM, escape <esc...@front.ru> wrote:
> If you use dos  alone and purely on your machine, but nevertheless have
> some *nix server access you can use rsync client for dos:
> http://www.2net.co.uk/rsync.html

Good, GPL. Interesting, works on 8086 (Borland C 3.1) w/ only 640 kb RAM.   ;-)

> If it is the case, than probably this will be the best solution, as
> rsync is one of the most widely used tools for backups.

Yes, popular, though I admit to never having tried it (yet??).

> BTW this rsync client is distributed under GPL, so why it's still not in
> FreeDOS distribution, or I'm missing something?

It's indeed dated from 2003, though, so I guess it could've been in FD
1.0 (2006. But since nothing has come out since FD 1.0 (2006), what'd
you expect?  :-P  Everybody's too busy. Also most people probably
don't need it (or need "full" rsync, maybe, dunno). But anyways, I've
mirrored it to iBiblio for you ("us"?) here:


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