Hello Ray,

Thanks for sharing pictures of your setup.  It's a real fascinating setup.
Other than a duplicating machine, what function does it serve while
connected to your network?



On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 7:38 PM, Ray Davison <ray...@charter.net> wrote:

> Karen Lewellen wrote:
> > A question mainly for those who use dos  alone and purely on your
> > machines. I am asking how you do large backup work yourself now? say
> > 3 gig or so?
> I have a couple suggestions for your consideration.
> First, anyone who is doing anything serious with a PC needs this:
> http://www.dfsee.com/
> It works on DOS, OS/2, Win and Linux, and the CD boots FreeDOS.
> The most powerful thing it does is fix confused HDDs; like lost
> partition tables.  And the author will help.
> It also does a bit-for-bit, drive-to-drive copy.  This is a pic of my
> backup and storage box.
> https://picasaweb.google.com/110720715566253280768/ScreenShots#5620366853489847778
> It is connected to a LAN, but it is also the ultimate sneaker net.  All
> my HDDs, on every machine, are front panel plugin.  Backup consists of;
> plug in the HDD you want to copy, plug in a blank HDD at least as large
> as what you want to copy, boot - the racks are hot swappable, the OSs
> are not - , run DFSee, select the partition(s) or drive to be copied,
> and go to lunch.
> Restore just reverses the process.
> Ray
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