Hi Michael,

> Another area of trouble for Freedos is this, is there enough freely
> available software for DOS environments?  Is it even possible to buy
> commercial DOS software any more at reasonable prices?  Are the best DOS
> programs ones that you will have to pirate?
> When MS-DOS support evaporated, companies didn't simply open up all
> their programs.  Corel or whoever owned WordPerfect at the time didn't
> come out and say, you can distribute the DOS version as many times as
> you want now.  The closest to free software you could get for the most
> part in the DOS world was shareware...

Luckily SOME software is now more free than it was in the past, in
particular for shareware where the authors explicitly decided to go
freeware now that DOS is less widespread. Some examples of that and
some pointers for buying classics at reasonable prices are e.g. on:


> menuetOS Syllable Visopsys ReactOS Linux Windows7

Can you mention some pros and cons, in particular of the lesser
known first 3 items on the list? I can say about the last three
that: ReactOS tries to clone WinNT/XP, Linux has a lot of free
open software and Windows7 tries to be cool where Vista was not.
I think all OSes in this list have a more or less fancy GUI :-)
Not sure about hardware (RAM, disk, CPU?) requirements, though.


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