2011/8/27, Jeffrey <ellsn...@aol.com>:

> I use lxde on ubuntu 11.04 and it seems fairly lightweight. There is
> also damnsmall linux which can run firefox on a pentium.

Out of curiosity just downloaded Icaros Desktop Light 1.3.0 - in its
manual one can read:
AROS doesn't need great horsepower [..] Although AROS can run on
low-power and low-end processors, like old 500-1000 MHz ones, you
probably like to choose a faster one. [..] To enjoy a good Icaros
experience, please choose a 1600 MHz processor or a better one [..]

Not tried that new Icaros yet (tomorrow...), but if "good Icaros
experience" requires 1,6 GHz Athlon, then Linux can still be described
as "lightweight"... :)

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