> http://www.mevis-research.de/~ritter/awakeideas/desktop.html

COOL :) Got it ... it is very nice ... and very buggy :-(

> We used to link to this in the FreeDOS software list, long ago. As a desktop,
> Desktop2 was okay. It didn't support any advanced features

What is missing ?

> I removed it (and most other GUIs)

When ? I can't remember many GUI's in there (but the
GUI installer IIRC got removed cca 2004 or 2005).

> because too much attention was going into making an awesome
> GUI for FreeDOS, and no effort into making FreeDOS better.
> And everyone and their dog was submitting their own DOS GUI

I agree that GUI should wait until the kernel is reliable (2040 now is ?)
but can't reproduce how tabuizing out the GUI's could be useful.

Anyway, the software list has many strange items
even in BASE: EXE2BIN, KC, ...

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