Windows, especially NT based Windows, is beyond the scope of Freedos.
Unfortunately, there have been suggestions to look at the ReactOS
project.  I think this transcript which needs to get out despite the
rules details why the ReactOS project is a disaster that needs to be
cleaned up.  Anyone can work on an OSS project.  Keyword here is anyone.
Please, someone go ahead and get the code, form another community, and
continue development if this project is still 

Supposedly, Linux+WINE is not a better way to go, but the way things are
going in the ReactOS community, I'd have to say that it is a better way
to go.

Is there a way I can complain about the site and get them
sanctioned?  Taking the site down would be a good way to adjust
attitudes in that community.

Here is a transcript showing how bad ReactOS IRC has gotten:

<Guest9187> None of your business.
<tower> _what_the_xuck_i_couldn't_get_my_own_one_at_once 
<encod3d> it says it right there
* Alex_I hides his whois :)
<encod3d> ok im gonna play some halo
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* #reactos :
<ghz|work> oh noes
<ghz|work> opcode is still in his "INT 3","NOP" loop of death
 Python interface unloaded
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<Guest39028> Why is logging in as zimbra messed up? 
* Wr4i7h ( has joined #reactos
<Guest39028> Is anyone else's forum login screwed up?
<}i{> sudo #reactos
<Guest39028> Syllable being a different OS doesn't have to be directly
compatible with Windows and better yet there are efforts to use portable
programming languages like REBOL soon to be replaced with RED.  Why
develop ReactOS which has to mimic Windows?
* zwabbit ( has joined
<ThFabba> Because it's fun
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* ChanServ gives channel operator status to zwabbit
<Guest39028> The Syllable approach may make more sense in the long run.
One of the major problems with Windows has been that it doesn't just
work.  If Windows was the dominant server system that would be one
thing, but it isn't.
<Guest39028> People are writing commercial software for Linux now which
is somewhat similar to MacOS, why not Syllable?
* _dk has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
<Guest39028> Syllable admittedly has problems with SATA and probably
isn't 64 bit, but ReactOS isn't 64 bit either.
* hyoenmadan (~oemlic654@ has joined #reactos
<Guest39028> Why ReactOS over Syllable???
<Guest39028> Is anyone else's forum login screwed up?
<zwabbit> what's your login name
* Wr4i7h has quit ()
<Guest39028> zimbra
<zwabbit> because daniel banned you?
<Guest39028> Since when?
<Guest39028> I can't view anything on the forum, so why are you
<Guest39028> My account is so screwed up, that I can't set the language
correctly and I can't even look at the forum.
<zwabbit> then don't sign in
<Guest39028> Too late.
<zwabbit> it's not hard to log out................
* }i{ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<zwabbit> go to the myRosCMS page and on the left hand side there's a
logout link
<Guest39028> I've posted so much that I assumed I wouldn't be banned,
especially considering that there were no loggers.
<Guest39028> I've posted so much that I assumed I wouldn't be banned,
especially considering that there were no warnings.
<zwabbit> there is no rule that a warning needs to be given before a ban
<zwabbit> and all of the posts that preceded your final post can be
regarded as implicit warnings by the rest of the community with respect
to your behavior
* evilslon has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
<Guest39028> I disagree strongly.
<zwabbit> as is your right
* }i{ (~Ninja@unaffiliated/registered) has joined #reactos
<zwabbit> doesn't mean we need to act upon that disagreement
<Guest39028> Breaking the whole entire account and not just letting
people see a warning seems ridiculous.
<Guest39028> Why doesn't the language have to default to something wrong
and worse why does the screen go blank when you try to log in?
<Guest39028> Why does the language have to default to something wrong
and worse why does the screen go blank when you try to log in?
<zwabbit> because that's how our cms currently works
<zwabbit> it handles bans badly
<zwabbit> so when the need arises to do one
<zwabbit> it doesn't completely shut out a person's account
<smiley1_> we accept patches though :P
<Guest39028> What makes you think that bans need to be done anyways?
<zwabbit> daniel felt that you were going to continue antagonizing other
people in the community
<zwabbit> i did not see a reason to overrule him
<Guest39028> Well, define antagonize?  If people hearing something they
don't want to hear is antagonizing them I don't see how the forums can
work at all.
<Guest39028> Daniel has never said anything to me and frankly I don't
think he was a moderator historically.
<zwabbit> he's been a moderator for at least two years now, if not
<zwabbit> and your point about people hearing things they don't want can
be directed at yourself
<Guest39028> What you just said makes absolutely no sense and if we are
referring to discrimination noone should have to listen to that.
<zwabbit> we've had multiple incidences where people pointing out
mistakes/flaws in your argument resulting in you insulting them or
starting an argument with them about how they are wrong
<Guest39028> I've never argued with people like you say.
<Guest39028> I don't insult people.
<zwabbit> you do know who i am on the forum, right?
<Guest39028> Maybe I've complained about being called a troll, who
* hyoenmadan has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
<Guest39028> I don't care who you are on the forum.
* andermetalsh ( has
joined #reactos
<smiley1_> lol
<andermetalsh> hello, is virtualbox bug with mshtml/gecko solved?
<zwabbit> zwabbit = Z98
* hyoenmadan (~oemlic654@ has joined #reactos
<Guest39028> No wonder I get treated so harshly by Zwabbit.
<zwabbit> smiley1_: have i treated him harshly since i entered?
<smiley1_> zwabbit: I have stoped reading nute's posts since ages
<smiley1_> how should I know?
<zwabbit> i meant today in the channel
<smiley1_> ah this. then no
<ThFabba> andermetalsh: the hang if you have hardware virtualization
disabled? Not yet :| It's a hard one
<Guest39028> we've had multiple incidences where people pointing out
mistakes/flaws in your argument resulting in you insulting them or
starting an argument with them about how they are wrong"... On what
<smiley1_> Guest39028: "I get treated so harshly" <= you  really don't
know Alex_Ionescu
* }i{ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
<Guest39028> Alex who?
<Guest39028> You mean the supposed leader of this project?
<smiley1_> he is not the leader
<smiley1_> he wrote the half kernel
<smiley1_> the leaders is Aleksey
* Alex_Ionescu (~Alex_Ione@pdpc/supporter/active/AlexIonescu) has joined
* ChanServ gives voice to Alex_Ionescu
<andermetalsh> TheXception|off,  yeah, my CoreDuo CPU does not support
neither hardware VT or KVM/Qemu
<zwabbit> this should be interesting.................
<smiley1_> lol
<Guest39028> zwabbit, what is the point of you saying I argue with
people without listening to what they say if you won't be more
<zwabbit> let's see
<andermetalsh> I think it's an issue with how reactos handles  VBox i386
<zwabbit> you've started threads claiming that reactos' goal is
<zwabbit> you've started threads claiming that our development
priorities are wrong
<Guest39028> That isn't very specific, and it's a valid topic of
discussion one could argue.
<andermetalsh> cos VBox CPU is not an "exact" Intel CPU 
<smiley1_> not to mention the endless lists of questions
<andermetalsh> with Qemu, Reactos works 
<Alex_Ionescu> i thought this was going to be fun
<Alex_Ionescu> i don't see any fun
<smiley1_> that you need hours to respond
<zwabbit> Alex_Ionescu: you missed part of it
<Alex_Ionescu> is Guest the fun guy?
<zwabbit> you've repeated questions i don't know how many times asking
about the progress of the project and get irritated when we say the
answers haven't changed the last time we answered them
<zwabbit> Alex_Ionescu: for varying definitions of fun
<Alex_Ionescu> Guest39028: will you ride my magic pony?
<Guest39028> The question of where the project is always valid.
<zwabbit> and the answer that nothing has changed is equally valid
<KlausM> LOL @ Alex_Ionescu 
<Guest39028> The question of where the project is always valid.  I don't
ask all the time.
<ThFabba> andermetalsh: I'm not much into it, but AFAIK, it's some
memory corruption that happens to only manifest as a problem under these
specific circumstances. These things are ugly :|
<Guest39028> Too bad nothing has changed.
<smiley1_> "I don't ask all the time" <= are you sure?
<Alex_Ionescu> Guest39028 if you won't ride my magic pony I will get
<zwabbit> not everytime, more like after every release
<Alex_Ionescu> You wouldn't like me when I'm angry
<Guest39028> I don't have to be.  You can figure this out yourself.
<Guest39028> Well, there hasn't been another release in a very long
<zwabbit> you also refuse to accept corrections to your statements even
when they are demonstratably false
<Guest39028> Prove that I'm demonstrably false.
<Alex_Ionescu> ?this is really boring, where's my op status
<Alex_Ionescu> He's ignoring me
<andermetalsh> BTW, does reactos have hardware 3d acceleration? 
<Guest39028> What is the point of point blank saying that I'm
demonstrably false if you won't be specific other than to tick me off?
<zwabbit> andermetalsh: no, unfortunately
<Alex_Ionescu> Maybe I should sing a song
<andermetalsh> at least with 3dfx or so ...
<smiley1_> andermetalsh: not yet
<andermetalsh> I thought 3d support was supplied by the drivers 
<zwabbit> Guest39028: last time you were in this channel before you got
kicked out, you claimed that microsoft would never contribute code to
the linux kernel
<zwabbit> i presented you with direct evidence of microsoft doing
exactly that
<zwabbit> and when i asked you to retract your statement, you refused to
do so
<Guest39028> What, I don't think so.  Besides, keeping a transcript of
what is said on here is not allowed.
<Alex_Ionescu> LIKE A DIAMOND*
<zwabbit> we do not permit third parties to publish logs of this channel
<zwabbit> we however do keep them for internal purposes
<KlausM> Alex_Ionescu, when you said ride your pony did you mean that
unicorn that pukes rainbows?
<Alex_Ionescu> KlausM: yes
<Guest39028> Then you can see that I've gotten into discussions that had
nothing to do with reactos on here and that there was no right or wrong.
<Alex_Ionescu> not just that but in fact...
<Alex_Ionescu> a HUMAN CENTIPEDE
<Alex_Ionescu> PUKING
<Alex_Ionescu> UNICORN
<Alex_Ionescu> MAGIC
<Alex_Ionescu> PONY
<KlausM> don't you mean human cenIpad?
* KlausM dukes
<Alex_Ionescu> with Guest39028 in the middle
* STRAIDER has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<zwabbit> and we don't care when you don't get into trouble
<KlausM> *uckes
<zwabbit> we only take note when you do get into trouble
<zwabbit> cause that's the only time we're ever drawn into the
<Alex_Ionescu> just make sure I won't be eating any CUTTLEFISH
<Alex_Ionescu> OOOOH KYLUUUU
<KlausM> ha ha ha
<Guest39028> How nice, only note when a guy screws up and treat him
likes he is a perpetual screw up.
<Alex_Ionescu> hey guest here's one for you
<Alex_Ionescu> HE IS A COCK SUCKER!
<Alex_Ionescu> - Aristotle
<KlausM> Alex_Ionescu, I'll quote that one on g+
<zwabbit> that we have never had reason to take notice when you're not
getting into trouble would also indicate that you haven't contributed in
a way for us to notice
<Guest39028> Alex, why are you being disgusting?
<Alex_Ionescu> omg finally
<Guest39028> OMG is highly offensive, don't take God's name in vain
<zwabbit> when weighed against the times you have caused trouble, it
would be why we do not hesitate in banning you when we feel the need
<Alex_Ionescu> Guest39028: as his son, i'm allowed
* STRAIDER (~STRAIDER@ has joined #reactos
* zwabbit is atheist so doesn't care
<Alex_Ionescu> my real name is LXNSC
<Alex_Ionescu> but you're not allowed saying it
<Guest39028> You are not God's son in the sense that Jesus is, you are
not His equal.  Therefore, you do NOT have a right to speak offensively,
though you obviously have the ability to.
<Alex_Ionescu> so i've added some vowels in there to make it easier for
you mere mortals
<hyoenmadan> hey, here are people that believe in something, be more
respectful guys!!
<hyoenmadan> you´re programmers, no kids
<smiley1_> lol @ LXNSC
<zwabbit> hyoenmadan: you have unfortunately walked into alex deciding
to toy with someone
<Alex_Ionescu> smiley1_: yeah me and YHWH party it up all the time
<Guest39028> Alex can toy with someone quite rudely and he doesn't get
banned, but if I try to do that...
<smiley1_> lol
<smiley1_> Guest39028: you will get in this state if you contribute what
alex has :P
<ThFabba> That's because he has this magic plus next to his name
<Guest39028> Why is atheism so important to Alex anyways?
<Alex_Ionescu> i'm not atheist, zwabiit said he is
<zwabbit> try to keep who says what straight
<Alex_Ionescu> learn to read
<Alex_Ionescu> or i'll have Allah smite you
<zwabbit> and considering alex is responsible for a significant portion
of the kernel
<zwabbit> i have reason to tolerate him
<Guest39028> An atheist equates himself the equal of God claiming that
God doesn't really exist.
<hyoenmadan> Guest39028: this is a channel to talk about those
<zwabbit> oh, another issue
<zwabbit> you don't seem to ever actually read people's responses to
your posts
<Guest39028> I've tried that before hyoenmadan, but there are no
transcripts so you can't see that.
<smiley1_> Guest39028: when did he say he is an atheist ?!?
* ubuntuRE (
has joined #reactos
<zwabbit> for all your talk about "discussion," one can't exist if the
other side doesn't listen
<Alex_Ionescu> If god wouldn't exist?where did I come from?
<Alex_Ionescu> You seem confused
<Alex_Ionescu> Are you denying the awesomeness of my dad?
<Guest39028> If God does exist Alex, why do you equate yourself to be
his equal and thus incapable of taking his name in vain by saying OMG as
if whatever you are talking about is His fault?
<ThFabba> That's not even a sentence.
<Alex_Ionescu> I'm not his equal, I'm his son
<ubuntuRE> guys, I think you are tremendously OT
<ThFabba> ubuntuRE: well spotted :)
<hyoenmadan> here we go again...
<Alex_Ionescu> ubuntuRE: exactly. i tried to make the channel OT with
singing, ponies, nothing least religion worked
<smiley1_> ubuntuRE: but we are having fun :(
<ubuntuRE> I guess: how is possible to discuss about something is not
sure that exists?
<Alex_Ionescu> hyoenmadan: go to for a bit, and come back here
<CIA-71> ReactOS: cmihail shell32_new-bringup *
r53629 /dll/win32/shell32/ (5 files): 
<CIA-71> ReactOS: [shell32.dll]
<CIA-71> ReactOS: - More uninitialized value fixing. Again Amine Khaldi
spotting them with his magical powers.
<CIA-71> ReactOS: - I took the liberty to convert tabs I found to
spaces. Normally I shouldn't mix formatting with coding changes but I
forgot. Sorry.
<hyoenmadan> lol
<Alex_Ionescu> if that doesn't work...
<Alex_Ionescu> go on Encylpoedia Dramatica
<Alex_Ionescu> and go on the wiki for
<Alex_Ionescu> "Offended"
<ubuntuRE> Alex_Ionescu, I prefere you when code
<hyoenmadan> i would care about that idiotic sites???
<Alex_Ionescu> ubuntuRE: and i prefer you when you're not home, but your
mom is
<hyoenmadan> alex
<ubuntuRE> Alex_Ionescu, pentru tine?
<smiley1_> ubuntuRE: have you seen Alex_Ionescu's commit logs ? :D
<hyoenmadan> ReactOS channel is to discuss about ReactOS and related
<ubuntuRE> smiley1_, never now that i think.
<Guest39028> Well, Alex really should drop OMG from his vocabulary or
does he really believe that something is God's fault?
<Alex_Ionescu> I'd be willing to use OMFG
<Alex_Ionescu> If that works better
<ThFabba> Oh your God!
<Guest39028> That is worse than OMG, assuming the F means fuck.
<Alex_Ionescu> Look man, me and my buddy JC don't have to take advice
from you on how to call our dada
<Guest39028> I'm asking you to be sensible Alex, OMG and OMFG are not
sensible things to say.
<Alex_Ionescu> Remember what happened to your great-uncle in Sodom?
<Alex_Ionescu> We wouldn't that to happen again now would we
<ubuntuRE> Alex_Ionescu, it seems you are looking for fighting on
channe, flame and other bad things... in this case it is enough you ask
for, so simple.
<Guest39028> If my great uncle died in Sodom, I probably wouldn't exist.
<Alex_Ionescu> ubuntuRE: I was just sick of the whining about the forums
and who was right
<Guest39028> You can't whine on IRC.
<ubuntuRE> whining? what does it means?
<Alex_Ionescu> Arguing about "OMG" is much more productive
<Alex_Ionescu> ubuntuRE: it's the noise a baby makes when he peed
* zwabbit is amazed you guys are letting him string you along this long
<ubuntuRE> ah ok
<ubuntuRE> what about GSOC results?
* zwabbit points to newsletter
<Alex_Ionescu> i'm getting bored :S let's talk about..abortion?
<Guest39028> Apparently if you complain that you are discriminated
against in this community, you are wrong.
<ubuntuRE> yes, i read it i was guessing if forter code of GSOC was
integrated in trunk.
<Alex_Ionescu> gun control?
<zwabbit> forter code?
<Alex_Ionescu> affirmative action?
<ubuntuRE> Alex_Ionescu, maybe suca de pula?
<zwabbit> Guest39028: oh, no, you're not wrong, you are definitely being
discriminated against, because you've managed to piss off basically all
of the regulars in the community
<Guest39028> Where does a coder for ReactOS get off trying to get
controversial topic discussion going?
* JimProfit has quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -
<Alex_Ionescu> ubuntuRE: Sugar of cock? Tell me more
<zwabbit> we've reached the point where we genuinely do not want your
<zwabbit> that you keep coming back is quite frankly surprising to us
<Alex_Ionescu> zwabbit: i want his participation!
<Guest39028> I want my account fixed now.
<ubuntuRE> Alex_Ionescu, i supposed you are romanian, so i speack to you
in romanian
<zwabbit> there's nothing to fix
<zwabbit> you got banned
<Alex_Ionescu> ubuntuRE: You did, in fact! You said "Sugar of cock"
<Guest39028> Un ban me.
<zwabbit> no
<Alex_Ionescu> Guest39028: Say OMG and I'll un ban you.
<Alex_Ionescu> I promise
<Guest39028> Okay Z89, so much for giving me a chance.
* zwabbit was not aware alex still had amin access
<zwabbit> you were given a chance
<Guest39028> No I wasn't.
<Alex_Ionescu> zwabbit: Higher than admin
<zwabbit> you got banned after getting the chance
<ubuntuRE> i supposed suca=suck, im fromg?
<Guest39028> For what you coward???
<ubuntuRE> wrong?
<Alex_Ionescu> unC0Rr: yep
<Alex_Ionescu> err
<Alex_Ionescu> ubuntuRE*
<Alex_Ionescu> Guest39028: say OMG and I'll un ban you
<zwabbit> for repeating the same actions that got you banned in the
first place
<Guest39028> No, what did I get banned for Z89, stop dodging the
<ubuntuRE> so ,. how to say "tu suck" in romanian language?
<Alex_Ionescu> or Ya Allah
<zwabbit> and considering that in these two incidents, it was two
different people who decided that your tone, posts, etc were framed to
antagonize the community
<KlausM> ubuntuRE, careful with romanian swearing
<KlausM> I'm senssitive about that ;)
<Alex_Ionescu> or?"oh my Yahweh"
<Guest39028> You're still dodging the question.
<Alex_Ionescu> i'll accept any of the tree
<Alex_Ionescu> three*
<ubuntuRE> KlausM, i ask to ve sure what ask when back in cluj napoca
<Alex_Ionescu> ubuntuRE: "suge"
<ubuntuRE> or jasi
<zwabbit> your post that apparently caused daniel to ban you: Sure,
ignore the more serious question of how can you ask someone if they are
Catholic on ReactOS IRC chat and pressure them even further by asking
where they live, where they go to school, etcetera when they clearly
don't want to answer those questions. If the ReactOS Foundation is not
responsible for the content of the ReactOS IRC...
<ubuntuRE> ahhhhhhhhhh suge ok tnx
<zwabbit>, who is responsible? First rule of leadership is,
the buck stops with the leader. You are responsible for the conduct of
people you allow onto your forums. It is bad PR to hide from problems
that crop up by saying, "we aren't responsible, it's not our problem, or
nothing wrong happened." That never works for politicians, why should it
work for the ReactOS community?
<Alex_Ionescu> zwabbit stop being serious
<ubuntuRE> guys, why not bat to ROS topics?
<Alex_Ionescu> tell him to say OMG, Ya Allah, or Oh My Yahweh
<zwabbit> your previous post: Too bad this will generate bad PR for
ReactOS. Explain how asking someone if they are Catholic on IRC chat for
ReactOS is appropriate? Explain how going further and asking where do
you go to school is germane. Blatant harassment is harassment no matter
who is dishing it out. Criticizing a religion on IRC chat for ReactOS is
indefensible conduct and here you are defending...
<Alex_Ionescu> and unban him
<ubuntuRE> back*
<zwabbit> I would sue the ReactOS Foundation for the harassment
to effect some change, but I can't afford to and you can't squeeze blood
out of a vegetable. If I were you Z98, for the sake of the project, I
would set a good example and apologize right here right now. I didn't
just willy nilly accuse moderators of misconduct, there was misconduct.
<CIA-71> ReactOS: ekohl * r53630
<CIA-71> ReactOS: [RPCTR4]
<CIA-71> ReactOS: - Take NetworkAddr into account when a named pipe
client is opened.
<CIA-71> ReactOS: - Return RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE when an attempt to
create a named pipe client fails with an ERROR_BAD_NETPATH error.
<CIA-71> ReactOS: This fixes the first test failure in the advapi32
service winetest.
<Alex_Ionescu> ugh borrringggg
<Alex_Ionescu> Guest39028: if you say it i'll ban z98 i promise
<Alex_Ionescu> He's annoying me even more now
<Alex_Ionescu> pasting giant pastes
* ChickeNES has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
<zwabbit> Alex_Ionescu: i unfortunately have a job to do :P
<HeisSpiter> o_O
<Alex_Ionescu> You know you want to Guest39028 
<smiley1_> zwabbit: you take your job too serious :P
<Guest39028> Ban him please.
<Alex_Ionescu> You have to say OMG first
* smiley1_ gives channel operator status to Alex_Ionescu
* ChanServ removes channel operator status from Alex_Ionescu
<zwabbit> hmm, a mod edited out your threats
<Guest39028> I don't insult God to get something done.  That generally
doesn't work anyways.
<Alex_Ionescu> Guest39028:  I promise it'll work in this case
<Guest39028> What threats Z89?
<hyoenmadan> Guest39028: as seems you failed in making a discussion that
wasn´t about Reactos in first place, so you don´t have nothing to
<Alex_Ionescu> Rememeber Judas?
<Guest39028> Yes, Judas went to Hell for not believing that God can
forgive him.
* sh4ring4n (1839a6c6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined
<Alex_Ionescu> okay
<Alex_Ionescu> Remember Peter?
<ubuntuRE> is a matter if juda is dammend for real
<Guest39028> What about Peter? 
<Alex_Ionescu> Peter denied Jesus 3 times
<Guest39028> Yes.
<Alex_Ionescu> What happened after?
<Alex_Ionescu> He founded the most corrupt organization in the world!
<Guest39028> No, he became the rock of the longest lived religious
organization in the world.
<ubuntuRE> Pope alway told me "during few time he falling down before
the rope kill him, he still in time to ask to be saved, forgived and
take place in heaven"
<Alex_Ionescu> ..I'm pretty sure the Jews have been around longer...
<zwabbit> oh, good one
<zwabbit> Alex_Ionescu: check out the last paragraph of that post
* ChickeNES ( has joined #reactos
<Alex_Ionescu> wait?GuGuest39028 ?is nute??
<zwabbit> also, example of why we felt nute's continued participation
was unhealthy to the project
<Guest39028> Yes, but Judaism is over.  There is no point for Judaism to
exist in the Christian age.
<Alex_Ionescu> ROTFLMAO
<Alex_Ionescu> hahahaha
<zwabbit> oh, you didn't know?
<Alex_Ionescu> Judaism is over, is it?
<ubuntuRE> Alex_Ionescu, Church is a multinational company in active
status since 2000 years, no other multinationa goth thi success so long
<hyoenmadan> Guest39028: now you´re failing again, please go away, you
did a great damage here, and they don´t gonna unban you
<Alex_Ionescu> the "Christian age"?
<Alex_Ionescu> Nice
* STRAIDER has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Guest39028> I've done nothing wrong.
<zwabbit> i suppose this still isn't getting through to you
<zwabbit> the forum is a place we run
<zwabbit> where we set the rules
<Alex_Ionescu> That would be the age where Jews control all politics and
entertainment and banks...
<Alex_Ionescu> And Islam controls the rest
<zwabbit> if we believe the rules to be violated
<Alex_Ionescu> While Christians cower in fear?
<Alex_Ionescu> That..age?
<Alex_Ionescu> :D
<zwabbit> we do not need to justify the banning of someone
<Guest39028> Nothing needs to get through to me Z89, you haven't made a
point other than that you are a bully and you don't care if someone gets
attacked on unrelated topics.
<zwabbit> Guest39028: i don't care about YOU
<zwabbit> you've pissed me off enough that i don't want you anywhere
near the project or the forum or the channel
<ubuntuRE> guys, dont feed the troll.
<zwabbit> that sentiment is shared by quite a few other people, both
devs and forum regulars
<Guest39028> Or maybe Z89, you are far angrier than anyone else in the
<Alex_Ionescu> Oh come on, nobody reacted to that statement?
<Alex_Ionescu> IT'S NOT 89
<Alex_Ionescu> IT'S FUCKING 98
* zwabbit looks at Alex_Ionescu
<hyoenmadan> ...
<Guest39028> Or maybe Z98, zwabbit, whatever you call yourself, you are
far angrier than anyone else in the community.
<zwabbit> well, i've also had people spell zwabiit
<zwabbit> and this is relevant how?
* sh4ring4n has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
<zwabbit> isn't going to change my opinion of you
<zwabbit> isn't going to change the fact you will remain banned on the
<Guest39028> I'm not about attacking the project as a whole, but
questioning the why of the project or complaining about discrimination
can be mischaracterized.
<zwabbit> and our response is, we do not believe you are complaining
about discrimination or mischaracterization, because we believe you to
be at fault
* sh4ring4n (1839a6c6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined
<sh4ring4n> ok
<sh4ring4n> what happened?
<ThFabba> sh4ring4n: to whom or what?
<Guest39028> Z89, you don't understand public relations.  Screwing up my
account so that the language always goes to Indonesian etcetera is
<smiley1_> is that an insult to Indonesian?
<Guest39028> Refusing to respond reasonably to please don't take God's
name in vain is discrimination.
* ThFabba sets mode +q #reactos *!*michael@*
<smiley1_> no!
* HeisSpiter sets mode -q #reactos *!*michael@*
* HeisSpiter removes channel operator status from ThFabba
<HeisSpiter> Not sure that's the solution....
<ThFabba> Nah, they're making something funnier :p
* ChanServ gives voice to ThFabba
* TommaS_ has quit ()
<Geri_lgfx> well... 
<Guest39028> It doesn't take much to get zwabbit angry, he shouldn't be
a moderator or else his moderating will earn the project bad PR.
<Geri_lgfx> jews does not control the reactos at least.
<sh4ring4n> ...
<sh4ring4n> flame war?
<Guest39028> Please refrain from anti-semitism, anti-catcholicism,
anti-religion in general.
<KlausM> sh4ring4n, use amaterasu
<Alex_Ionescu> btw Guest39028:
<Alex_Ionescu> learn a bit about our religion before you misquote our
<Vampyre> oh goody, religious zealot! can I join in? ;-)
<smiley1_> Guest39028: it doesn't take much for you to make ANYONE angry
* zwabbit looks at Vampyre
<zwabbit> been a while
<hyoenmadan> sh4ring4n: please don´t talk with Guest39028
* Vampyre looks at zwabbit
<Vampyre> you havn't changed a bit in all those years! ;-)
* TommaS ( has joined #reactos
* ChanServ gives voice to TommaS
<sh4ring4n> oh snap...
<Vampyre> hey even alex is active
<Vampyre> reunion time
<smiley1_> did the idiot left?
<sh4ring4n> not yet
<zwabbit> oh whatever
* You have been kicked from #reactos by zwabbit (Guest39028)
 No channel joined. Try /join #<channel>

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