Op 7-9-2011 22:51, Michael C. Robinson schreef:
> Windows, especially NT based Windows, is beyond the scope of Freedos.

correct, with exception of 'how to make these operating systems work 
together on the same system, be it by dualbooting, adding to 
bootloaders, working in virtualisation/emulation products, etc

> Unfortunately, there have been suggestions to look at the ReactOS
> project.  I think this transcript which needs to get out despite the
> rules details why the ReactOS project is a disaster that needs to be
> cleaned up.  Anyone can work on an OSS project.  Keyword here is anyone.

Happily so yes. Not everyone's input is always appreciated, I admit. 
Building a good reputation before people consider one's opinion can be a 
daunting challenge.

> Please, someone go ahead and get the code, form another community, and
> continue development if this project is still
> worthwhile.

That log reads like kindergarten. Surely ReactOS has a project 
coordinator you can mail this about.

> Supposedly, Linux+WINE is not a better way to go, but the way things are
> going in the ReactOS community, I'd have to say that it is a better way
> to go.

They've got their own merits. Should ReactOS ever implement Windows's 
internals good enough, then all kinds of obscure drivers should work. 
Despite Linux's vast amount of hardware support, I bet more hardware 
works through Windows drivers.

> Is there a way I can complain about the reactos.org site and get them
> sanctioned?  Taking the site down would be a good way to adjust
> attitudes in that community.

Your disappointment ending up in censorship? No thanks. Their server, 
their rules (limited by common sense, reputations to consider, 
professionality at times, and whatever the law requires)

> Here is a transcript showing how bad ReactOS IRC has gotten:

IRC isn't my favourite discussion method as it's single-line stuff 
instead of basing opinions and testcases on decent foundations like 
logic and arguments.

> <Guest39028>  Syllable being a different OS doesn't have to be directly
> compatible with Windows and better yet there are efforts to use portable
> programming languages like REBOL soon to be replaced with RED.  Why
> develop ReactOS which has to mimic Windows?

Ah the famous 'why develop Y when there's X, spend your resources 
there'. By that logic FreeDOS is obsolete as well. Nobody likes their 
pet project attacked/challenged.

> <zwabbit>  you've started threads claiming that reactos' goal is
> pointless
> <zwabbit>  you've started threads claiming that our development
> priorities are wrong
> <Guest39028>  Well, there hasn't been another release in a very long
> time.

> <Guest39028>  What, I don't think so.  Besides, keeping a transcript of
> what is said on here is not allowed.

hm what am I responding to right now..

> http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8270&hilit=nute&start=30#p72593
> <zwabbit>  Alex_Ionescu: check out the last paragraph of that post
> * ChickeNES (~chicke...@rouxbicon.rh.uchicago.edu) has joined #reactos
> <Alex_Ionescu>  wait?GuGuest39028 ?is nute??
> <zwabbit>  also, example of why we felt nute's continued participation
> was unhealthy to the project

Please take up any issues with the project's coordinator. In case of 
ReactOS, likely it's Aleksey Bragin.
For things FreeDOS-related, Jim Hall is the contact person.

I'll admit bringing up religion on mailing lists generally isn't smart. 
Same for politics and other controversial subjects.

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