Hi Ralf, James,

>> I am wondering how to set up my device in virtualbox to work with 
>> freedos? I have looked in the settings for my guest os, freedos. I 
>> see under ports a section on serial ports, and also a section on 
>> USB. But I don't know which would relate to my external speech synthesizer.


> Had similar issues while getting a parallel port printer in DOSBOX 
> working on Windows 7 Home Premium/64Bit. DOSBOX just would not 
> provide a proper "translation" from the Windows 7 parallel port 
> device to a plain DOS parallel port within DOSBox.

Maybe a bit "perverted" idea, but: Given that the "guest OS"
is more often something like Windows, maybe VirtualBox will
be better in forwarding the USB as-is? Then you will need a
DOS "USB serial port" driver to access your serial devices,
but at least VirtualBox does not have to simulate some type
of device/port out of some other type of device/port? Your
DOS driver would do the transform "inside guest space" :-)


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