At 03:23 PM 9/7/2011, Eric Auer wrote:

>Hi Ralf,
>my idea was that the serial hardware device to USB hardware
>port conversion was done in hardware, so "either covered by
>working hardware or hopeless"... Next step is getting from
>real USB port to anything accessible inside a VM and I had
>the idea that a typical VM shows USB to guests as USB, too.
>Of course that means more work for DOS then, but still ;-)
>Probably depends on the VM whether it prefers pass-through
>of raw USB or rather "made up" devices from host OS drivers.
>I think it is certainly worth a try. Of course with first
>trying with DOS using real USB on real hardware then :-)

But that doesn't look like a real option in this case, as he has a 
serial device (his external speech synthesizer) and an existing 
software (the utilities for said speech synthesizer) he is trying to run.

As far as (Free)DOS is concerned, it can only provide assistance in 
form of DOS routines and info for the serial port that in turn rely 
on certain hardware info provided by the BIOS replacement of the VM. 
So it's up to the VM to handle this properly and it is my practical 
experience that most of them are likely to not properly provide that 
info, as most of them simply don't care about such "legacy" devices anymore...


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