All testing is worthwhile ...  the client you have that gets the 425 
error messages made me suspicious that I was losing socket data 
structures, and after 3 days of testing I was able to confirm that was 

The bug is simple - if there is a data connection already open and the 
PASV mode port changes, you have to close the existing data connection 
*and* recycle the socket.  I missed the second part in a few cases, and 
that bug has been in there a while.  Most clients can't cause this in 
normal operation; I had to force the error using raw FTP commands and 
breaking normal sequences.

So while I can't reproduce your problem exactly, I know it or something 
like it is causing me to leak sockets.  I'll plug the leak, and you are 
the winner of the beer for this round of testing ...  The 425 messages 
might not disappear (yet), but at least the server won't leak a socket 
each time it happens.



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