It is VERY TIRESOME, having to respond to posts on this board with
"I DID NOT say ..." or "I DO NOT agree ...", when one's REAL words
are either "misunderstood" or often TWISTED for some other agenda!

Many such "replies" would cause their writers to FAIL, QUICKLY, in
almost all U.S. High-School "Debate" classes, from NOT speaking to
the "POINT" of whatever the original post was!

Is it REALLY true, that (A) using 4th-grade English [age 9 level],
(B) proof-reading SEVERAL times before making posts, and (C) doing
all possible to be CLEAR, are now NOT-ENOUGH on boards like this??

Or does the U.S. "Slept Thru High-School" DISEASE [as so many here
took GREAT SPORT in achieving!] now afflict not just OUR last 2 or
3 whole generations of total idiots, but EVERYBODY world-wide??

COME ON, People!!   DO NOT "twist" posts to suit your OWN agendas!
PAY ATTENTION to the "POINT" of what people try to post, both here
and elsewhere!!   And DO realize you just might have to "WAKE UP!"
 from such teenage "slumber", and USE YOUR BRAINS, now-and-then, to
UNDERSTAND what is obviously "technical" data, not just "Tee-Hee!"
babbling from "Slept Thru" BRATS!!

"Sorry, but THERE IT IS!!", as the British might say!

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