> Assume I am on Ubuntu Desktop. Then use terminal command sudo dosemu.

Dosemu needs not and should not be run as root, it works fine in X :-)

> small (approx. 2" by 4") window appears. I usually  go to full screen in 
> 2 ways: (1) click in the box in upper right, corner; or (2). use the 
> CTRL-ALT-F key combination. The Printscreen key works (brings up my 
> Screenshot save file window) with method (1) and not with method (2).

That is interesting. On the other hand, as you already use xdosemu in
X anyway, you can simply use any Ubuntu screenshot tool of your choice.

By the way, you can select text in the DOS window with the mouse and
then use the middle mouse button to paste that text elsewhere... :-)

> Seems like some monitor parameter is not being reset 
> properly when leaving dosemu?

As said, it runs better without being root.

> My grandson Brian Thompson, solved this for me.

Still interesting to know how he did.


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